Developing Female Leaders

Release Date:- 2019-03-05

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What would your church look like if it maximized the dormant gifts of the women God has brought there? Discover how to develop and leverage the leadership abilities of women within your congregation.

Leadership and people development veteran Kadi Cole offers a practical strategy to help church and organizational leaders craft cultures that facilitate the development of women as volunteer and staff leaders.

In Developing Female Leaders, Cole shares eight easy-to-implement “best practices” that help accelerate a woman’s organizational contribution, such as:
Seek to understandClearly define what you believeMine the marketplaceIntegrate spiritual formation and leadership developmentBe an “other”Create an environment of safetyUpgrade your people practicesTake on your culture
Combined with current research, thorough appendices and references add even more guidance for setting vision, milestones, and goals. Using interviews and surveys of more than one thousand women in key church and organizational roles, Developing Female Leaders is a one-of-a-kind resource for identifying what is missing today in your church to help it flourish in the future.