The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Volume 2

Release Date:- 2014-09-24

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The Corpse Delivery Service has helped the dead who wanted justice from the living. Now, think about how many living people would like to take vengeance on the dead. What if it were possible? When Sasaki realizes that the latest corpse in their office is the man who murdered her parents years ago, the Kurosagi crew learns of a far darker business than their own, in this intensely disturbing one-volume story.

• Striking cover design by Bunpei Yorifuji makes Kurosagi a standout in a crowded field; Dark Horse has preserved the original graphic elements and even the "brown paper wrapper" feel of the original Japanese book.

• 18+ content advisory.

"While there is cruelty, gore, violence, and implied unnatural sexual acts, the manga is also a complex and slyly ironic social commentary. Acquire this manga for adult collections for the naturalistic artwork that shows attention to human emotion, the social observation, and the banter between members of the delivery service. "
(Christine Gertz, Library Journal)